Padang DX Contest, December 21 th 2019

Hi Contester …

Padang Contest was previously one of the largest National Contests held and organized by ORARI Local Padang – West Sumatera, started since 2007 with Padang Contest (contest exchange RS+ orari Local). Several years inactive then start again with Padang Contest on 2014, and finally the 2016 Padang DX Contest was the first DX Contest held by ORARI Local, innovation and our passion for Indonesia To the World.

After successfully holding the Padang DX Contest 2018, this year we are again inviting you to come back to Padang DX Contest 2019 all band phone that will work at 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m. 

in this unfriendly propagation, it will be a challenge to win the championship, congratulations to compete.

Thank you for the support of all Sponsors, Enjoy in Contest, see you on the band 73

Chairman, Zainil Erizon – YC5HEE